Features & Specifications


  1. The building will be built in substantial conformance with the applicable versions of International Building Code, the Connecticut State Building Code, the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code & the International Commercial Code/ANSI Chapters.
  2. Upon filing for building permits with the Town of Ridgefield, complete plans will be available at Ridgefield Town Hall for inspection.


  1. All structural aspects of building are designed and supervised by a registered professional engineer.
  2. Floor framing members: Pre-Engineered Wood Trusses.
  3. Roof framing: Engineered roof trusses.
  4. Firewall: Each unit is separated by a rated fire wall.  All hallways and common walls are also specially constructed for sound protection.
  5. Roof sheathing: 5/8″ OSB Sheathing or equal.
  6. Subflooring: On first floor a solid 3 hour fire rated concrete floor separates the living area from the lower level garage.  Second and third floors feature a 3/4″ T&G sub flooring – glued and nailed.   A layer of sound deadening protection mat topped with a  1” layer of fire rated gypsum underlayment will then be placed on top of the plywood subfloor.
  7. Exterior wall construction: 2×6 studs used on all exterior walls with 7/16” OSB sheathing.


  1. Siding Material: Low Maintenance high quality vinyl clapboard siding.
  2. Roofing: Architectural style, 30 year fiberglass shingles.
  3. Windows: High quality, low maintenance vinyl windows with hi-performance double-pane glass with internal grills Screens are provided.  All double-hung windows are”tilt and wash”.
  4. Patio Glass Doors: French style single swing glass door with low maintenance aluminum clad exterior and insulated glass.
  5. Balconies: Low maintenance decking with fiber composite railings.
  6. Gutters and Downspouts: White aluminum seamless gutters.  Downspouts are connected to underground pipes and run away from the foundation into storm drain system.


  1. Garage Access: Secure garage door access for residents only.
  2. Garage will have direct access to both stairwells and the elevator.
  3. Garage will have extensive lighting for illumination and security.
  4. Each home comes standard with an exterior parking space. Underground garage  parking spaces and storage lockers are available for an additional fee on a first-come, first-serve basis.



  1. Courtyards: Professionally landscaped with low maintenance concrete walkways to building entrances.
  2. The building and all units have handicapped access with handicap adaptable interiors.
  3. Access Road: Blacktop paving with concrete curbing.
  4. Landscaping care, exterior building maintenance, and snow removal will be provided by the Association.


  1. The building will be serviced by a centrally located elevator accessing the garage and all three residential levels.
  2. Two sets of stairs for emergency access will be located in each building.
  3. All hallway floors will be carpeted with low maintenance commercial grade carpeting.
  4. Entry foyer will be ceramic tile.
  5. Special construction between units and common areas will be fire rated gypsum wallboard with insulation for sound & fire protection.
  6. Unit Front Door: Smooth grain 2 panel solid core 1-3/4”doors.  Lever door handle with deadbolt.
  7. All common areas will be separately metered from the residential units for both lighting and heating.
  8. A video visitor monitoring and control entry system allows residents to see who is visiting before granting access to the building and provides an extra layer of security.
  9. Interior common areas will be professionally maintained.


  1. Fire suppression sprinkler systems are provided in all residential units, garages and common areas.
  2. All common area interior and door frames are fire rated.
  3. Common area smoke detectors are provided in the corridors.
  4. Common area fire alarm system will be connected to the centrally located annunciator panel which contacts emergency personal when necessary.
  5. Individual unit smoke detectors will be hardwired with a battery back up and will be provided in all bedrooms and in other areas of the residence as required by code.


  1. Side Walls: Minimum of R-20 fiberglass batt insulation.
  2. Ceilings: Minimum of R-49 blown cellulose in top floor ceilings. R-19 batt insulation between floors.
  3. Air Sealing: Air sealing spray foam insulation around windows, behind all outlets and switches on exterior walls.
  4. Sound Insulation:
    1. Walls: The building is intentionally designed to minimize adjoining walls between units. Where walls do adjoin, the design targets an STC rating of 57 (1/800 of typical interior 2×4 wall) through independently framed, staggered stud 2×4 walls with air gap, sound deadening insulation and 5/8” sheetrock.
    2. Floors: UL rated engineered acoustical system with a target IIC rating of 57 which is well in excess of IBC/ICC minimum guideline of 45. System includes 5/8” sound deadening drywall suspended from a resilient channel, open web parallel chord truss w/ sound deadening insulation, sound underlayment including  acoustical mat and sound absorbing lightweight concrete.  In addition, where hardwood is installed in homes and additional sound mat and floating pre-finished hardwood flooring is used to minimize transfer of impact noise.
    3. While we have designed what we believe to be a high performance system, no soundproofing system is 100% efficient and STC/IIC ratings are in laboratory settings and field conditions may vary. Builder in no way guarantees actual ratings in the coach home buildings will match laboratory results.



  1. 9‘+/- living area ceilings.
  2. Drywall: 5/8″ sheetrock screwed and nailed, taped and coated with three coats of compound on all, interior, exterior and common walls and ceilings.
  3. Interior Paint: One primer coat and one finish coat of standard Sherwin Williams Dover White SW6385 Flat.   Additional coats or custom colors are at buyer’s expense.
  4. Interior Trim Finish: One factory applied primer coat and one finish coat of standard  Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006 Semi-Gloss on doors, casings, and all other interior trim
  5. Ceiling Finish: One primer coat and one finish coat of super white (flat finish).


  1. Interior doors: 7’ high two-panel Masonite door.
  2. Interior knobs: Lever style.
  3. Interior Trim: Oversized 3-1/2″ finger-jointed casing and 5-1/4″ Colonial neck base.
  4. Picture frame trim detail around all windows.
  5. Crown molding standard in foyer.
  6. Closet Shelving: Vinyl covered wire for all bedroom and linen closets. Master bedroom walk-in closet is double hung one side, single hung other side. All other closets are single hung. Linen and pantry closets feature 4 shelves.  Linen and Pantry closets vary by plan. Single shelf above Washer and Dryer in Laundry.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets: Quality cabinetry in builder’s standard doors styles and colors.  Extra tall 42” high wall cabinets. Doors and drawers are drilled for single knob with a variety of styles available in Builder’s selections.
  2. Kitchen Counter Tops: Buyer’s choice of a wide selection of granite tops with standard edge treatments and 3” high granite backsplash.
  3. Single Bowl undermount stainless sink
  4. Kohler Pullout chrome faucet & matching soap dispenser
  5. Double waste basket drawer.


  1. Refrigerator: Stainless Steel Side x Side Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker & Water Line (GE or equal).
  2. Dishwasher: Stainless Steel w/ Plastic Interior Tub & Front Controls (GE or equal)
  3. Range: 30” Stainless Steel slide-in electric range (GE or equal)
  4. Microwave/Hood: Stainless Steel w/ Recirculating Exhaust (Whirlpool or equal)
  5. Washing Machine: Optional or supplied by Buyer
  6. Dryer: Optional or supplied by Buyer

Note:  Kitchen details, appliances, cabinetry and layout may vary for Type A handicap-adaptable units.


  1. Master or Hall Bath Vanity Cabinets: Quality cabinetry in builder’s standard doors styles and colors.
  2. Bathroom Countertops: Buyer’s choice of standard granite or marble tops with 3” backsplash.
  3. Towel bars and paper holders: “Yorkshire” (or equal) chrome (one each per bath). Installation of additional special bars or holders at Buyer’s expense.
  4. Shower Door: Master bath only. Chrome framed enclosure with clear glass and hinged door.
  5. Mirrors: Picture hung white framed mirrors
  6. All bath fixtures are Kohler or equal except as noted:.

Hall Bath (if applicable)       1 Sink:                          White Undermount

     1 Faucet:                     Kohler Devonshire 8” widespread w/ chrome finish

     Tub/Shower:               5’ Sterling Accord fiberglass enclosure in white

     Tub faucet:                  Kohler Devonshire w/ chrome finish

     Toilet:                          Kohler Sterling comfort height, elongated bowl in white and slow-close seat.

Master Bath   2 Sinks:                       White Undermount

     2 Faucets:                   Kohler Devonshire 8” widespread w/ chrome finish

     Shower:                       5’ Sterling  Accord Seated Shower  in white

     Shower faucet:           Kohler Devonshire w/ chrome finish

     Toilet:                          Kohler Sterling comfort height, elongated bowl in white and slow-close seat.

Note:  Bath details, fixtures, cabinetry and layout may vary for Type A handicap-adaptable units.



Foyer:                            Buyer’s choice of standard pre-finished engineered Hardwood

Kitchen:                         Buyer’s choice of standard pre-finished engineered Hardwood

Laundry Room:            Buyer’s choice of standard Ceramic Tile

Dining Room:                Buyer’s choice of standard carpeting

Living Room:                 Buyer’s choice of standard carpeting

Master Bedroom:        Buyer’s choice of standard carpeting

Master Bath:                 Buyer’s choice of standard Ceramic Tile

Bedroom #2:                 Buyer’s choice of standard carpeting

Hall Bath:                      Buyer’s choice of standard Ceramic Tile

Study:                            Buyer’s choice of standard carpeting

Mechanical Room:     Exposed unfinished concrete

Builder’s selection of standard and upgrade flooring options are available at the Sales Center.



  1. Each Residence will be heated with natural gas, which is separately metered
  2. High efficiency combi-boiler, tankless hot water heater and air handler for all heating and domestic hot water.
  3. Each residence will have a digital programmable thermostat.
  4. In line humidifier for comfort during the winter heating season is included.


  1. High efficiency combi-boiler, tankless hot water heater
  2. Refrigerator ice maker line.
  3. Washing machine connection box with safety shut-off and emergency drain.
  4. All waste lines constructed of PVC plastic.
  5. All water lines are non corrosive Pex (or equal) tubing.
  6. Laundry room floor drain to minimize damage from washer leaks.


  1. Separately metered electrical service with circuit breakers located within the unit
  2. All outlets, switches, and lights per code. Outlets to be white standard duplex style in white. Switches to be toggle style in white.
  3. 220 Volt Dryer line in laundry area
  4. 3 home run telephone or CATV outlets
  5. Installation of fan lights (one per bath) including venting.

*electrical notes:

  1. Not included in electrical package are dimmers, additional circuits, under cabinet lights, additional outlets or switched outlets. These items will incur additional expense (see electrical options).
  2. Installation of light fixtures are included in the price of the home. How ever, if ceiling fans are requested, there is an additional fee of $150 per fan. This includes a special ceiling box to support the extra weight and a labor charge to assemble the fan. Some light fixtures that require more than normal assembly may incur additional cost.

LIGHTING PACKAGE: (See specific layout for each plan)

Kitchen: 4 surface mount LED lights.

Bathrooms: Vanity lights above sinks and combination quiet exhaust fan/light.

Bedrooms: Buyer’s choice of any overhead ceiling lights or fans to be charged against lighting allowance.

Dining Room:  Buyer’s choice to be charged against lighting allowance.

Walk-in Closets, Hallways, Laundry Room: Builder’s Standard White Ceiling Mount fixture.

Foyer and Main hall:  Buyer’s choice to be charged against lighting allowance.

Other Locations: Unit specific- to be charged against lighting allowance

Mechanical Room: lighting for service provided where necessary.

Outside porch/patio: exterior lighting to match building standard are included


  1. Allowance for Light Fixtures including tax and light bulbs.
  2. Standard Appliances are included in the price of the home.
  • Washer and Dryer are available as an option or else Buyer to supply. Please note if buyer provides dryer it must be Energy Star rated and “long-vent” to comply with the home’s venting requirements.


  1. Home will be professionally cleaned and all windows washed prior to Closing.
  2. Home and its structural and mechanical components will be covered by limited warranty for defects in labor or material for a period of one year after the closing. See Public Offering Statement for additional details.


  1. All allowance and selection items assume purchase from our standard suppliers. If overages occur, you will only be charged the difference between your allowance and your actual cost.  However, if you do not use one of our standard suppliers, you may incur additional expense for the additional coordination that we may need to do.  We will gladly supply you with a list of our standard suppliers.
  2. We have included a list of quality plumbing fixtures in our specification. We have tried to put together a collection of fixtures that fit the quality of this home.  However, if you choose different plumbing fixtures, the price difference may be greater than the difference in list prices.  There are numerous reasons for this, most important of which is the difficulty in coordination and increase labor cost of installation of some fixtures.  Please also be aware that plumbing fixtures from the large retail stores will look similar to the plumbing supply house fixtures, but may not have the same quality, finish or internal fittings.
  3. Engineered hardwood flooring is available in optional locations however the Unit Owner is responsible for covering not less than 70% of the exposed hard wood floor area with area carpets for sound control.
  4. Builder reserves the right to substitute materials of similar value based on availability.



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